Tanya R. Russ


Tanya R. Russ was born in Clarksville, Tennessee where she attended Austin Peay State University receiving her BS in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. A woman who wears several hats, she is a mother, ordained minister, master certified life-coach, teacher and author, she finds joy educating and empowering others daily.

Ms. Russ often utilizes the gifts given to her by God to educate, encourage, and empower women and girls to pursue all God has promised them in life by walking faithfully in Him in an effort to reach their fullest potential.

She is currently working as a domestic violence victim’s assistant for the Clarksville Police Department. With her extensive level of knowledge in key areas, she serves families across the state ensuring they are connected with the resources needed to ensure positive growth and development within the home. In addition, Ms. Russ also has prior experience as a, social counselor and prevention specialist through the State of Tennessee, prevention specialist in Clarksville Montgomery and surrounding county areas.

In an effort to fulfill her life’s purpose to glorify God and to help build his Kingdom, she finds it an honor to serve Him by lovingly leading others into their God-ordained purpose in life.

Confident that her very own leap of faith to pursue her goals and dreams by establishing A Touch of Class Inclusive Services, an evidence-based adolescents and adult positive development program, writing and publishing several books to include, “21 Day Journey with Jesus: Daily Devotional & Prayer Journal,” “The Balancing Act,” “Join the Journey Prayer Journal,” and “Seven Principles to Press Into the Presence of God.”

She recently launched “The B.O.S.S. Lady Movement” (Bringing Other Sisters >into< Success) to prompt purposeful action in women across the globe to embrace REACHING BACK to HELP another sister achieve success as they progress in life daily as well.

Her prayer is that the passion burning inside of her to walk purposefully in GOD, will also ignite a fire in others to do AND to help others in doing so as well.

Specializing in personal and professional positive growth and development; A Touch of Class offers services such as group or one-on-one prevention sessions; personal and professional positive development courses; and empowerment WORKshops for women and girls to be educated and empowered to ensure clients are properly equipped to effectively apply to principles learned. 

Once a single mother herself; she embraces her favorite scripture text daily, Psalm 100:3 and shares her motto often, “It is only by the grace of GOD that I am who I am” as a true testament of the importance of having and maintaining a personal relationship with God, and the honor she lives to give HIM daily for all that HE has done for her. She enjoys the LIFE that God has given her through loving her family unconditionally and wholeheartedly, and by sharing the same love with others as they too walk out their journey to meet life’s destiny as well.

This is done by effectively implementing the vision of A Touch of Class and it’s mission to educate, encourage and empower those served. We celebrate ALL progress made toward obtaining the personal and professional goals set before each client by reminding them that “A baby step is still a step to be celebrated throughout the process of progression”.