Touch of Class Inclusive Services is a state approved 5013C nonprofit organization that offers faith-based positive development programs for adolescent and adult women. This program was birthed by way of a vision given by God as a means to fulfill the founder’s passion of promoting and provoking positive change and development in adolescent and adult women within
the Clarksville and surrounding communities.



In-Person & Online
Spiritual and Personal Positive Development Courses


In-Person & Online Life Coaching Services (Personal/Professional/Spiritual)


Empowerment Workshops, Luncheons and Retreats. Adolescent Mentorship Program

Social Emotional


Every Investment Matters

A Touch of Class Inclusive Services, operates a year round program with quarterly workshops and events that support 150+ women for free. We provide them with education, training, community resources, mentorship, nutrition and more at no cost to them because we want to impact this generation and the next without barriers. Financial commitments majority of the time, prevents people in low income households and communities, from receiving what is needed to transform their lives. Your investment in our organization’s effort to impact change will assist in shifting the trajectory of their life from impossible to successful.